What Does It Mean When You Hear An Owl?

Owls have importance in most of the cultures present around the world. Depending on your beliefs, the hoot of an owl can mean different things.

What does it mean when you hear an owl?

In this article, we will be looking through the many meanings and interpretations of what it can mean. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of an Owl Hoot?

It is believed in most ancient traditions and beliefs that hearing an owl is a bad omen. What does that mean, you wonder?

It meant that either death or destruction was coming to you in the immediate future. The scientific reason for the hoot of an owl is related to them marking their land.

They want to let their enemies know that this is their land, and if they come close to it, they will have to suffer dire consequences.

Going by this, when thought about spiritually, it is a sign trying to get you to create energetic boundaries if you hear this.

It means that you have to beware of all the people that are capable of creating negative energy in your life.

If you have felt incomplete or unhappy despite being in a relationship, perhaps it is time for you to walk away. Focus on yourself. 

Why do Owls Hoot at Night?

Most owls are nocturnal animals. That means they are the most active at night, and they rest during the day.

Hearing an owl hoot at night should not be alarming for you if you already knew this piece of information.

If you did not, here are a few reasons that wildlife experts have found out why they hoot at night.

1. They have come across a predator

2. To claim their home, let all the animals around them know that this place belongs to them.

3. To let their mates know of their presence

4. To talk to/communicate with their mates and strengthen their bond

5. To let each other know that they are making ‘inspection calls’

Owl Symbolism and Spiritual Significance in Different Cultures and Religions

The oldest owl fossil is dated to be 60 million years old. That means that for the last 60 million years, people have been intrigued by owls.

Owl Symbolism and Spiritual Significance in Different Cultures and Religions

It is no surprise that many cultures and religions have different meanings for the appearance of an owl. 

1. In ancient Greece, there were believed to be 12 Olympian Gods. Out of these 12, there was a Goddess of Wisdom called Athena.

The symbol of this Greek Goddess was the owl. Maybe that was the reason why people say quote “wise as an owl”. 

2. In Native America, owls were thought to be shapeshifters. They were thought to be related to death, rebirth, and new beginnings.

They were used to scare children and stop them from wandering around alone outside. Owls meant discipline.

3. In Christianity, again, owls were related to bad omens. If someone saw an owl, it meant that tough times were close and that they had to prepare themselves for it.

They believed that the person would learn more and grow through these tough times. 

4. The Chinese had a different approach to owls. It meant wisdom. This animal symbolized increased wealth and spiritual connection. 

5. In Ancient Egypt, the owl is believed to have meant the letter M. Owls were loved and feared at the same time by the believers.

They thought that even though it was a bad omen, perhaps they could get an insight into the afterlife if they worshipped the owl. 

6. In Hinduism, the Goddess Lakshmi, who symbolizes wealth, is believed to have an owl by her side. 

Native American Owl Symbolism

There were many Native American tribes. Each tribe had its own beliefs about what an owl could signify. 

1. Apache Indian – If they dreamt about an owl, it meant that the person was trying to be warned of their imminent death

2. Cherokee Indians – They looked up to a particular type of owls, namely, the Eastern Screeching Owl.

Hearing it whistle meant that you were going to be severely punished for something that you did. The punishment came in the form of a serious illness.

For this very reason, they consulted the owls for their wisdom before making any decision.

3. Cree Indians – They believed in the Boreal Owl. If you heard them make a sound, it meant that a spirit had summoned you.

If you replied to their summons and did not get a response, he was going to die very soon.

4. Dakota Hidatsa Indians – The Burrowing Owl was a good omen for them. They associated it with the protection of warriors.

5. Hopis Indians called the Burrowing Owl Koko or the Watcher of the Dark. It was their god of the dead, their hearth, growth of their crops, etc. 

6. Inuit Indians believed that a girl was transformed into a long-beaked owl. Because of this sudden transformation, she got scared and flew into a house.

This impact made her beak shorter and her face flatter, giving rise to the Short-eared Owl. The Boreal Owl was named ‘The Blind One’ because of its inactivity during the day. 

7. Kwagulth Indians – When they saw an owl, they knew that someone had recently died and that their soul was finally free of its worldly cage.

8. Kwakiuti Indians – They believed that owls weren’t just owls. They thought that people inhabited these owls. 

9. Lenape Indians – If you dreamt about an owl, it would mean that you finally found your guardian against evil spirits.

10. Navajo Indians – They believed that owls could tell the future. 

Owl Symbolism in Christianity

Many things in Christianity are related to the owl, not a single one positive. There are a few examples from the Bible itself

Owl Symbolism in Christianity

1. “I went mourning without the sun: I stood up, and I cried in the congregation. I am a brother to dragons and a companion to owls.” -Job 30:28-29

In context, this is saying that the owl is a symbol of grief.

2. “I am like an owl in the desert, like a little owl in a far-off wilderness.” – Psalm 102:6

In this verse, the owl signifies loneliness. A desert is a place with no life, and an owl is a mysterious creature that simply does not belong.

3. “And these you shall regard as an abomination among the birds; they shall not be eaten, they are an abomination:

The eagle, the vulture, the buzzard, the kite, and the falcon after its kind; every raven after its kind, the ostrich, the short-eared owl, the seagull.

And the hawk after its kind; the little owl, the fisher owl, and the screech owl; the white owl, the jackdaw, and the carrion vulture; the stork, the heron after its kind, the hoopoe, and the bat.” – Leviticus 11:13-19

The bible clearly states owls as an abomination. That means that they are looked down upon, that they are unclean. So the owl represents uncleanliness.

4. “The desert owl and screech owl will possess it; the great owl and the raven will nest there.

God will stretch out over Edom the measuring line of chaos and the plumb line of desolation.” -Isiah 34:11

Going by this text means death and destruction. There will be prayers to help, but no one will hear their cries of desperation.

Chinese Symbolism of an owl in Feng Shui

In Chinese philosophy, owls are considered to be good omens. Freeing yourself from harmful energies, acquiring deep wisdom, and gaining intuitive wisdom are just some of the few good things it brings.

Prosperity and abundance are on their way for anyone who sees an owl. Concentrate on your inner wisdom in order to gain the advantages you are being given.

Because this can be very powerful, remember to meditate when you search the universe for meaning. 

Ancient Egyptian Symbolism of an Owl

When you look at the hieroglyphics, an owl stands for the letter M.

Ancient Egyptian Symbolism of an Owl

The Egyptians believed that when someone died, their soul passed from this world to the underworld, where they were going to be judged on the basis of their actions on Earth.

They used owls as amulets in order to help make their passing easier. They were called ‘keen-sighted hunters’ by the ancient Egyptians. 

In the areas by the river Nile, owls meant something very different; rebellion, strength, resilience, and protection of different worlds.

What does it mean to see an owl?

Since the owl has a nocturnal nature, it is harder to spot during the day. If you do happen to see it during the day, it is quite a rare treat! Owls embody wisdom.

They radiate the energy of a feminine nature. This spirit animal is related to the moon. 

When you see an owl, ask yourself what you need to work on. Maybe you need to awaken those protective energies; perhaps you need to detoxify yourself from all the toxic people in your life.

Being a symbol of wisdom, it is prudent for you to sit down and meditate – focus on your inner energy and decipher what the universe is trying to tell you.

It may be something you have known for a while but were unable to accept, or maybe it was something hidden in your subconscious mind. Spiritual evolution awaits.  

Heal from your past and look to the future. It is time.

What Does It Mean to Keep Hearing an Owl Hooting?

Now that you know the scientific reason for the hooting of an owl, it should be easier for you to decipher the spiritual meaning. 

When they hoot, they are claiming their land. That means that you have to start setting boundaries.

There is no need to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation just to please the other person. Your boundaries are very important.

They also hoot to warn against predators. That symbolizes that you have to identify all the toxic people in your life and throw them out.

It is better to do this now rather than later when the harmful people have already given you pain and suffering. There is no point in living an unhappy life.

These mystical creatures are trying to tell you something, and you should listen to them. 

Change your perception and start asking questions. There are many ways to start being more intuitive, and nows the time to do it! 

Hearing Owl at Day?

Even though most of the owls are nocturnal, a few are diurnal – owls that sleep during the night and are active during the day.

The Burrowing Owl and the Short-eared Owl are the two diurnal owls that we know of to date.

If you hear an owl during the day, the chances are that you heard one of the two diurnal birds flying around for food, potential mates, and potential homes.

If you look at it spiritually, expect a drastic change coming your way if you see an owl. It is also possible that a deceased loved one is reaching out to you from the other side. 

Hearing Owl at Night?

If you hear an owl at night, don’t be alarmed. As most of the owls are nocturnal, the night is when they are most active.

They are simply going by their day, doing what they do best; eat, mate, and find territory to claim. 

Spiritually, you have to keep a lookout for anything bad. They are usually associated with bad weather, bad news, and death. 

Why are Owls Usually Associated with Death?

1. They are nocturnal and are seen at night. And when things go bump in the night, you have to be on your toes.

2. They are usually seen hanging around in graveyards which is why people have associated with death. 

3. Their piercing eyes and silent nature are eery and make people uneasy.

The Symbolism of Owls an Owl Flying over Your Head or Crossing Your Path

Flying over Your Head 

Is there a situation that you cannot get yourself out of? Perhaps you have been entangled in it so long that you can no longer look at it objectively?

Flying over Your Head 

Well, when you see an owl flying over your head, it is trying to tell you that you need to take a step back and analyze the situation with fresh eyes.

Look at the situation from every angle. Try to figure out what to do, put your foot down and take firm action. 

Through this process, you will learn many life lessons that were invisible to you. Your mental energy will stop draining you, and you will finally get peace. 

Crossing Your Path

It is time for you to change the direction that your life is taking you to. Focus on the task at hand and start listening to your gut or intuition.

That is a sign from the universe that you must start trusting yourself.

An Owl Power Animal, Spirit Animal, And Animal Spirit Guide

All of us present on earth have spirit guides, power animals, or spirit animals. They are the animals that our spirits most connect to. These animals then help us navigate through the maze of life. 

If you have an owl as a spirit animal, you are very wise, intuitive, and ambitious. People will approach you to ask for help, and you will have to impart your wisdom to them.

Help as many people as you can because you have the capability to change lives with your intuitive knowledge.  

Perhaps it is possible that people are intimidated by your energy. Do not worry about that; it is bound to happen.

Just brush off their rudeness and continue on the path that you are on. 

When you are trying to explore your intuition, this symbol is sent to you. It gives you the confidence to continue looking inside yourself and become a better person. 

Your deep wisdom will also help you figure out who are your real friends and who are fake. This intuitive insight will help you get rid of everyone that may cause you stress or harm.

Your guardian angel is trying to get you to focus up, so get to it! Use your psychic energy for the betterment of your life and the world!

Dream Symbolism of an Owl

It is possible that when you see an owl in your dreams, you may be running into some problems very soon.

Those problems can be related to your profession, friendships, family, relationships, or something more serious, like omens of death. 

Dream Symbolism of an Owl

On the other hand, it may mean that you finally open yourself up to gain inner wisdom. You are aware of the universe and its energies, and you must align yours with theirs. 

What does it Mean to Find an Owl Feather?

If you believe in angels and angel numbers, you must also know that sometimes, the angels communicate by way of feathers as well. 

Is there a female loved one that passed away? Well, if you see an owl feather, chances are they came by to visit from the realm of the spirits to make sure you were doing okay. 

Have you been worrying about your family? Well, this is a sign asking you to relax a little. All of your household issues are being taken care of.

All you need to do is relax and believe in the universe’s plan for you. This nocturnal bird is trying to tell you that everything is going to be okay; all you need is faith. 

What does it Mean When a Great-Horned Owl Visits You?

The Native Americans saw this bird and associated it with strength. That being said, since it is a nocturnal bird, seeing it during the day is considered to be a bad omen.

The loss of life can be one thing it is warning you about. Please be cautious if you see it near your house instead of the woods.

Things are about to go bad, and you need to be prepared for it. If not death, it can represent a serious illness that lasts a long time. 

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Different Colors and Types of Owl Meaning

1. White owl – purity, imminent change, hope that things will get better

Different colors and types of owl meaning

2. Black owl – your negative thinking had led this owl to you. Start putting more positive energy out into the universe and stop overthinking. Embrace the pain and finally let it go once and for all.

3. Brown owl – You need to remember that you are worth more than what you think you deserve. If you see a brown owl, start focusing on yourself. Meditation will take you a long way

4. Grey owl – Even if it feels like your life is a mess, you need to know that the universe is working towards bringing you to a new and better life. All you need is to have faith. 

5. Barn owl – Be innovative and creative if you are running into a problem.

The barn owl is trying to make you think outside the box and come up with solutions to your current problem with a different approach.

6. Barred owl – The main message is to mend broken bonds. Forgive the people that did you wrong.

Ask for forgiveness from the people you may have mistreated. Resolve conflicts and move on with your life. 

7. Snowy owl – Everyone that has ever stepped on this earth was born for a reason. When you see a snowy owl, you must look into yourself and find your purpose.

Once you find it, you must accept that responsibility that the universe has given you. Leave all the toxicity behind and opt for a healthy lifestyle.

8. Great Horned owl – Now is the time to start making quick decisions and bold actions. Whatever you have been putting off, it is time to start working towards it. 

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Final Words About “What Does It Mean When You Hear An Owl?”

Yes, in most cultures, an owl is a symbol of bad omens, but in the spiritual world, owls mean so much more than that.

They signify wisdom, growth, and confidence. Even Harry Potter opted for an owl, and he still ended up defeating Voldemort!

So don’t get disheartened if you see or hear an owl; just trust that the universe is looking out for you. Everything is going to be just fine.

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