The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana

Tarot cards are mostly thought to be a powerful tool for looking at and finding your future.

These cards’ art prints gothic are handmade pieces according to tarot art design. As tarot jewelry, people wear it like a tarot card pendant.

According to tarot card tapestry, a tarot art or an art craft, there are different symbols of different cards.

The different amounts of tarot cards are placed in a tarot deck. For the protection of the tarot card, tarot cloth is used while playing.

There is a variety of tarot decks available like; Arcana Tarot, Waite Tarot, Digital Tarot, Rider-Waite tarot and many others.

Each tarot cards have a different meaning. Here, we will discuss the hermit tarot card. So, let us move toward the article.

What Does The Hermit Tarot Card Mean?

The hermit tarot card is the ninth card of Major Arcana. Mostly, it is used for playing and divination.

The Hermit tarot card means that you are taking a break from your work to draw your attention to yourself.

What Does The Hermit Tarot Card Mean?

You are finding answers in yourself. In everyday life, you don’t get enough time to look and think about your life.

You must give yourself enough time to look at yourself. You have to look for some holidays and move somewhere to pay attention to your inner feelings for your deeper understanding and clearer understanding of yourself.

The Hermit Keywords

Here are the keywords of the Hermit Tarot card:

  • Upright Keywords

The Upright Keywords of the Hermit Tarot card are:

Inner guidance, introspection, being alone, soul-searching, self-reflection, contemplation, solitude, withdrawal, search for self, period of contemplation

  • Reversed Keywords

The Reversed Keywords of the Hermit tarot card are given below:

Rejection, isolation, recluse, being anti-social, loneliness, returning to society

The Hermit Description

According to this card’s description, the Hermit stands alone at the mountain’s top. The mountain represents spirituality.

He has decided to choose the path of self-discovery and has reached above the point of awareness.

On his right hand, there is a lantern with a six-pointed star present in it. This lantern with a six-pointed star is named the Seal of Solomon and is a symbol of wisdom.

At Hermit’s path, the lantern is lightning his way but only illuminates his next few steps instead of his destination.

He should move forward to know where to go next. On his left hand, it’s a side of his subconscious mind.

He holds a long staff which is a sign of his strength and authority. He uses them for his guidance and balance.

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Tarot Card Meanings

Upright Hermit Meaning

The upright Hermit tarot card in a tarot deck represents that you have to take a break from your daily life’s work.

You should know your intuition to seek the answers you want to know. Your sense of knowledge and truth is in yourself.

It is the perfect time to take a break from your daily work and go for a weekend. In that way, you will be able to pay attention to yourself. 

The Hermit allows you to turn the materialistic world into your inner world.

Moreover, Hermit will come to you in the form of a spiritual mentor to raise your consciousness. As a spiritual mentor, Hermit will guide you on how to find your answers in you.

Upright Hermit Meaning
  • Love and Relationships (Upright):

The love and relationship in the hermit card say that you need time to plan your future relationship, or if you are in a relationship, then you need time to form a strong relationship.

A good relationship between you and your life partner will make your life in terms of tarot love meaning.

You need a lot of time to build a good and better relationship with your life partner or with other people.

  • Money and Career (Upright):

The hermit upright tarot card in matters of money and career means that you need a break from your normal day’s work and give time to decide about your future.

You should look for a career that could be beneficial for you in the upcoming time.

In terms of finances, it could be good news for you that you will soon become well.

  • Health (Upright):

The Hermit card in the health context tells that your continuous work in life can cause many health issues. Everything in an excessive amount could be dangerous.

Therefore, give yourself time by spending holidays and traveling to different places. This way you can get a big relief from your work.

  • Spirituality (Upright):

The hermit tarot card in an upright position, according to spiritual terms, means that you are moving in the right direction.

This card comes to you in the form of card gifts from the high powers due to its good spiritual meanings.

This card indicates spiritual enlightenment. High powers are with you to guide you towards the right place.

By spiritual guidance, you can achieve everything, whether it is easy or tough. So, that’s the spiritual importance of the upright hermit tarot card.

Reversed Hermit Meaning

The reversed Hermit arcana tarot card can give two meanings: you are taking too much time for your inner self, or you may not give proper time to your inner part.

If you give yourself too much time, it doesn’t mean you cut off your link with other people. Socialize with different people to enjoy life.

Don’t isolate yourself; end your period of loneliness. Living alone can make you mentally ill. So, it is better to interact with other people.

On the other hand, the other meaning of the reversed tarot card states that in the busy days of life, you can’t give enough time to yourself.

This card suggests that you have to take a small or a long break to look into yourself. Examine yourself at which point you need improvement and which thing you are good at.

Overall, this reversed card tells us that keep balance in ourselves and the people. Don’t give too much time to yourself, and don’t give a short time to thinking about yourself.

  • Love and Relationship (Reversed):

This hermit card or a Hermit tarot card pendant in the reversed position means that you are not happy with your current relationship.

For a good relationship, you need to build mutual understanding between yourself and your partner.

You must appreciate each other for any effort, spend some quality time together, plan about the future, etc., to make a better love relationship.

So, that’s what you need to do to make relationships happier. 

  • Money and Career (Reversed):

This card’s reversed position means that your financial status is not good, and in deciding your career context, you are too much confused and can’t decide what you should do according to tarot card career reading experts.

It tells you that you need a lot of struggles to do. If you are unhappy with your current job, try to find some new job or business that could make you happy.

You should make good business relations with people to get a good reward too.

  • Health (Reversed):

The Hermit Tarot card in reversed position states that your health is not so good due to your tough routines. You should take care of yourself.

Due to life’s tough days, you cannot maintain your physical and mental health.

  • Spirituality (Reversed):

The Hermit card in the reversed direction suggests praying and meditating. It is the time to go deep and deep into your inner self and find for what purpose you came into this world.

You had forgotten to listen to your inner voice in the day-to-day life issues. By your inner voice, you will be able to focus on rebuilding your spiritual level.

The Hermit: Yes or No

The hermit card in a yes or no meaning generally means no. This card encourages us to look inwards and have a break from daily life’s issues.

Focus on yourself to improve yourself. See your own reflection and make decisions about your future.

The Hermit Tarot Combinations

Here are some of the combinations of the Hermit tarot card with other tarot cards:

The Hermit Tarot Combinations
  • The Hermit and Seven of Wands:

The combination of the Hermit and Seven of Wands is basically a combination of major arcana and minor arcana cards. Here are the details of both these cards:

The hermit tarot card indicates soul-searching, inner voice, and inner feelings, and on the other hand, the seven of wands tarot card indicates challenge, preservation, and defense.

The yes or no meaning of both cards is “no”. The pairing of both these cards results in a strongly negative meaning if they both apply in a yes or no question.

The zodiac sign of the Hermit is associated with Virgo. On the other hand, the zodiac sign of the Seven of Wands is associated with the name Leo.

  • The Hermit And The High Priestess

The hermit card indicates the inner voice and solitude, and the High Priestess tarot card indicates divination, high power, and intuition.

The yes or no meaning of both these cards is no, which means the combination of both these cards can result in a strongly negative meaning.

The High Priestess tarot card is associated with the planet moon, and the Hermit tarot card is associated with the zodiac sign Virgo.

  • The Hermit & The Moon Or The King Of Cups

The Hermit is a major arcana card, and the king of cups is a minor arcana card.

The king of cups indicates emotional balance and generosity, and the Hermit tarot card indicates solitude and inner feelings.

The yes or no meaning of the Hermit tarot card is no, and the yes or no meaning of the king of cups is maybe.

Their combination will lead to no answer, but that no is not strong.

  • The Hermit And The Lovers

The Hermit and The Lovers are both tarot cards are major arcana cards rather than waite tarot cards or digital tarot cards.

The hermit tarot card indicates introspection, solitude, inner voice, and inner feelings, and the lover’s tarot card indicates union, love, choices, and relationships.

Both of these cards have a shared symbol which is mountains according to tarot art or tarot wall art design and tarot card tapestry.

The yes or no meaning of the Hermit is no; the yes or no meaning of the lovers is maybe that means that the combination of both cards will lead towards a no meaning.

The Hermit is linked with a zodiac sign Virgo and the lovers are associated with a zodiac sign Gemini.

Is the Hermit a positive card?

Most assume that it has a negative connotation and represents uncomfortable feelings such as loneliness. Although this can be true in reverse, the Hermit truly represents taking back your personal power and living authentically.

What does the Hermit tarot card mean in love?

For some, the Hermit tarot love interpretation suggests that we might benefit from spending some time alone before deciding to get romantically involved with someone else. During this time, you may feel isolated, but it will help you find the love you’ve been searching for throughout your life.

What kind of person is the hermit?

Inside of the lantern is a six-pointed Star of Solomon symbolizing wisdom. The Hermit represents the archetype of the old-wise man in a cave. A mysterious guru in pursuit of spiritual knowledge while hiding away from a materialistic society. He is self-sufficient.

Final Words

In the above article, we discussed the hermit card, its meanings, and its combination with the other cards.

The Hermit card is linked with the positive means that encourage you to think about yourself by taking a break from daily life’s issues.

This card is for your spiritual enlightenment. So, there is nothing wrong if this card comes to you again and again.

We hope that you enjoyed our article about the Hermit tarot card and its meanings and that all your doubts about this tarot card have been gone.

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