The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning- Major Arcana

The Chariot tarot card is a well-defined card that contains a courageous warrior inside a chariot.

The warrior inside a chariot is wearing a shield that is adorned with half-moons. These moons predict future conditions.

The shield contains a scarf that has a square on it that represents strength and willpower and other alchemical signs that shows spiritual transformation.

The laurel and canopy of stars show the signs of victory, success, and spiritual growth. The warrior is seemed to be driving the Chariot.

He is like the magician who signals the strength of his will and mind. A chariot soldier is a sign of encouragement.

White sphinxes on the crown represent safety and goodwill. There is a vehicle in front of the soldier that contains white sphinxes that are the signs of dual power, positive and negative opposing forces.

As you have noticed, sphinxes are in opposite directions, but it will be the intelligence of the charioteer that how he will use his willpower and resolve the issue.

Although it is included in the list of complex cards, it has mostly positive meanings. Positivity comes from bravery.

If you are a coward, then it means your thinking patterns are narrow and insufficient to handle a real-life crisis.

The Chariot tarot card gives us the way to be brave and open-minded. It gives us power and spiritual evolution. 

What Does The Chariot Tarot Card Mean?

As we have described, the interior of the chariot tarot card. Not let’s discuss the in-depth meaning of this card.

We are living a life that is full of hardships and problems. Not everyone’s life is perfect. Life without problems means death.

So Chariot tarot card shows us the path that how to deal with conflicts in real life. We need to do hard work and be brave to face the issues.

For this, we must be committed to our task and be positive. Positive thinking is physically, psychologically, and socially very healthy.

It gives green light signals to the brain then the brain releases nourishing chemicals that improve the power of problem-solving.

So that all these things are correlated, we must implement these concepts in our daily lives.

Chariot tarot card meanings are several, and almost every meaning gives us the message of bravery.

The six-pointed star crown represents the connection of a warrior with celestial and divine will.

Everyone does good work to get to heaven after death. And this is the best concept to live a life.

If we have a concept of life after death, then we can protect ourselves from evil deeds and always promote good deeds. Control is an important factor.

Try to maintain control over nerves with patience. Patience is one of the most powerful things.

If you have achieved the highest level of patience, you can win on any battlefield.

Being a Muslim, I have read in Quran that No doubt Allah is with patient people. So to get the help of Allah, we must follow his rules and directions.

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What Does A Chariot Symbolize?

The simple and basic meaning of Chariot is focus, goal, determination, and eventually victory.

These all concepts are represented through a warrior that is wearing a costume that has several meanings.

The Star necklace represents the light to maintain the focus on the target. Focus and attention could only be gotten by having a clear path.

A clear path is not ready-made; we have to clear a path for ourselves. A brave warrior is wearing a silver coin necklace.

And the Arethusa coin symbolizes a bright path for those who always take the right path and live for the betterment of the needy and poor.

The Greek coin on the card means brotherhood and creating a friendly environment.

The androgynous sphinxes are two sphinxes in the opposite direction. It means there are both positive and negative forces that pull us towards them.

A person can go. The person who bears hardships with valor and courage is called an armored warrior of the chariot tarot card.

Gold armor pieces are the signs of royal life. Royal life does not mean you are living a luxurious life without any hurdles.

It means you are living a life with a big heart and a positive mind. You are controlling the situations through willpower. 

The Chariot Keywords

Control, willpower, success, action, and determination are the keywords of a chariot tarot card. Let’s discuss all these keywords one by one.

Control means having power over the circumstances. You can solve the problem if you have good control over the situation.

Solving a problem is through relaxing the mind. A nervous mind cannot resolve the issue. For instance, someone is worried about his job.

He is applying to so many companies but could not pass the interviews. It does not mean he should lose control and remain at home.

He must be clear about his goal and be calm. He should think positively and try again and again instead of becoming anxious.

The next keyword is willpower. Willpower is in hand oneself. It can be achieved through faith.

Quran is one of the best books that develop willpower in a person. Nobody is here for us to do our tasks.

We have to be competent and strong to solve our issues by ourselves. Success is the thing that everyone wants in their life.

But it is not easy to get success in every matter of life. Failures make us strong and make us ready to face real-life challenges.

Action and determination are going side by side. A highly determined man can win any kind of battle. 

The Chariot Description

The chariot description is simple and beautiful. It describes are vehicle that contains two wheels drawn by one or two horses.

There is two-person in the vehicle. One person is a driver, and the other is a fighter using javelins.

The two horses represent the rapid motivational power. The horse is an active and strong animal; that’s why the horse is used in the concept of a chariot tarot card.

Upright Chariot Meaning

The upright word defines the positive meaning.

We shall discuss the meanings of different chariot cards in the upright direction. 

  • Love & Relationships (Upright)

Love and relationships cards are important factors in life. If this card is placed in an upright position, it means a person’s life is full of love, and he has good and calm relationships with others.

The Tarot card’s meaning is love. Relationship is a deep word having deep meaning. We have different types of connections.

Even we human beings develop deeper connections with nonliving things like books, furniture, jewelry, etc.

So upright direction of love and relationship card predicts that a person will take every bond of his life with equality, love, and faith.

With love, we can melt the heart of stone-hearted people. To convince anyone, we should use the language of love.

Love is something very beautiful that has no side effects. Even after-the effects of love are more beautiful.

Love is developed by different means. Love is developed in person at home first. So family environment matters.

Relationships become stronger with the language of peace and love. I have noticed in my surroundings that those connections which are more positive and loving have a long life. 

  • Money & Career (Upright)

If the card of money and career is in an upright position, it means the person is having a successful career.

We know that a successful career means having a lot of money. Money is something without which a person cannot survive.

It is the need of everyone. Everybody wants to be rich. If we are taking our career on the right path, then I think a small amount of money is enough.

Earing a huge amount of money through bad deeds does not mean a successful career.

Black money eats life like a termite. To be successful, you need to have self-control. 

  • Health (Upright)

Health is the most important component of one’s life. Being psychologically and physically healthy is essential to survive.

A Health card in an upright position means a person will live a healthy and peaceful life. It gives the signs of strong and brave life.

Health does not mean having a huge body that can defeat and carry heavy loads. It means you are strong enough to live a balanced life.

Living a balanced life means you have control over your mind. When we have control over ourselves, our brain releases productive secretions that nourish our minds and body.

A healthy man can solve any kind of problem. Fresh-mindedness is necessary.

A fresh and healthy body and mind are full of ambitions and determination and face the hurdles with courage.

  • Spirituality (Upright)

Spirituality is related to the soul. Having a pure and powerful soul means you are strong enough to deal with hardships.

Life is full of roses plus thorns. Petals and thorns are going side by side. Spirituality card in upright position means you have a pure soul which is living for the betterment of others.

Spirituality is attained through reading Quran. I think Quran is the best book that shows us the right path.

It tells us how to tackle problems by keeping strong faith in Allah. A peaceful soul is full of positivity.

We have many examples of prophets who are spiritually pure and who have done good deeds.

They did so because they are making an example of positivity for us. However, it is not much easy to get a pure soul.

For this, first, we have to clear our mindset. Everything starts from our thoughts. Thought is an important process that runs our life. 

Reversed Chariot Meaning

Tarot reading is not much difficult. Let’s explain the chariot cards in reversed direction.

Reversed cards give some negative meanings. Discuss them one by one.

  • Love & Relationships (Reversed)

If the card of love and relationship is in the reversed position, then it means a person’s love life will be full of hardships.

There will be more conflicts and a lack of direction in one’s life. Relationships will have no control and direction.

It means there will be no equality, no balance, and no peace, which is damaging to one’s peace.

Lack of control over one’s nerves is the main reason for conflicts. Controlled and cool minds can resolve conflicts.

You might have noticed in your surroundings that others always dislike aggressive people.

So it is my suggestion, to get the attention of others you must be calm and should respect the relationships.

Relationships are very important to survive. We must take care of our parents, friends, and others because a person with strong relationships is more protected.

An alone person may have problems. In Asia, there is a system of relationships that is more protected and peaceful. 

  • Money & Career (Reversed)

Reversed card of money and career means a person will face problems in his career path. Maybe it will be due to a lack of ambition.

This type of problem could only be faced by those persons who feel themselves dependent on others.

Dependent and lazy people need ready-made things. They do not work hard and expect others to complete their tasks.

These types of people cannot get a successful career and money. Good money means money that is earned through hard work.

But reversed position means money is earned through the wrong paths. It has now been a trend that those who have more money are lazy and cowardly people

Because they use the wrong ways to get money. It is very common that behind every large building, there is a crime.

  • Health (Reversed)

Reversed health card means diseased life. It has several meanings. The person will be ill all the time. He might not feel well.

There are negative thinking patterns in one’s mind that have made him ill. Being a psychologist, I always suggest everyone think positively.

Positive thinking improves the blood circulation in the body, and as a result, all the organs work properly.

Negative thinking makes the stomach disturbed; there will be less appetite which leads to low glucose levels in the body; as a result, a person feels sick and lazy.

That is a proper cycle in which a small disturbance can damage the liver. Negative thoughts may lead to heart attack and death. So try to control your thought-provoking process.

  • Spirituality (Reversed)

If the spirituality card is reversed, it means a person will have an evil soul. An evil soul makes the person anxious and nervous.

An anxious person cannot cope with his daily life problems. An evil soul also means having thinking patterns full of bad deeds.

You will not have control over your unconscious mind. The unconscious mind lets us do bad deeds because it works on the principle of pleasure.

To seek pleasure, one does not take care of right and wrong and does whatever he wants, which is not good for his life and life after death. 

The Chariot: Yes Or No

The chariot reading of yes or no are two conditions one is good, and the other is bad. Yes means you are moving towards success with determination and willpower.

No means you are living a life full of failures. We can achieve only one condition at one time.

No is the word that shows the negative meaning; yes means welcoming hopes, a positive future, and a successful life.

The Chariot Tarot Card And Numerology

The chariot card is the 7th major Arcanum card. 7 is the lucky number for zodiac sign people.

It corresponds to Neptune, which signifies clear vision and spiritual growth. Some people have strong beliefs about stars and numbers, but it varies from person to person.

Numbers and stars are just made to give us the path. They do nothing more than confound. 

The Chariot Tarot Card And Astrology

It represents the zodiac sign in astrology. It means success is on the way, and a person has to welcome it with happiness.

Success is the fruit of our hard work. Without hard work, we cannot enjoy the taste of real success. 

What Planet Is The Chariot?

Sun and the moon are the planets that are represented by the chariot card. Moon and sun symbolize the role of mother and father.

Both of them are important for survival. Being completely positive is not good and being negative completely is also harmful.

How Do You Read A Chariot Card?

By reading the chariot card, we come to know that it represents the way to deal with overcoming conflicts and solve them with strong and clear thinking. 

The Chariot Tarot Card Combinations

Let’s discuss some interesting combinations of tarot cards with other concepts that are essential for life. 

  • The Chariot And The Tower

The combination of the Chariot and the tower means two elements serve to create balance.

There must be an element of negativity in one’s life because no one is perfect. Perfect is only Allah. 

  • The Chariot And The Magician

This combination represents willpower direction, willpower, desire direction, desire control, desire willpower, creation direction, creation control, creation willpower, and manifestation direction.

  • The Chariot And The Six Of Wands

It means we must be prepared ourselves for upcoming hardships. Preparation can be done through willpower, control, and ambition. 

  • The Chariot And The Moon

It represents self-control. When the chariot card is combined with the moon, it means one has to do more work on his emotions and self-control.

Final Words

Finally, I would like to say that chariot cards are helpful in living a positive and healthy life.

We must be determined and courageous to handle the issues of life.

Chariot tarot cards give the lesson of equality, balance, and bravery.

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