Free Online Tarot Card Reading – ANSWERED!

There are many platforms that you can use for Tarot Card reading some of the best ones we are going to talk about in today’s article. Let’s jump over to it.

Top Best Online Tarot Card Reading Platforms

Many of the platforms are available for tarot card reading. However, we have the list of the top best online tarot card reading platforms for you where you can enjoy reading your tarot card.

Below here is the list of some of top best online tarot card reading platforms:

Psychic Source: Psychic Source is one of the best online tarot reading platforms to read a tarot card present in a tarot deck.

Here you can read about the symbolism and interpretation of the tarot card very easily.

You can download the app of Psychic on the play store app and can get a free Psychic reading everywhere and at any time.

Top Best Online Tarot Card Reading Platforms

Kasamba: Kasamba is also the best source for an online tarot reading, without any doubt. This app has 3 million 5-star reviews and remarkable user reviews.

For online Psychic chat, Kasamba is the best source. You can get 3 free minutes with each new psychic.

California Psychics: The California Psychics is also the best source for online tarot card reading.

The team of psychic advisors of the California Psychics is the best of the best. This app has mostly positive reviews from clients.

Our service is 24 hours a year open for valuable clients. You can call us to get a strong psychic connection.

Keen: Keen also comes in the list of top online tarot reading platforms. Their trusted Psychic advisor guides people to learn the symbolism and interpretation of the tarot card.

You can receive up to 10 minutes of psychic reading for just 1.99$.

Purple Garden: Like all the above platforms, Purple Garden is also included in the list of one of the top best online tarot life reading platforms.

The psychic advisors of the purple garden are trusted a lot. The reviews and ratings of the purple garden are amazing given by the valuable clients.

Mysticsense: Mysticsense is one of the best online tarot reading platforms where you can find a trusted psychic adviser to let you know about your future.

This platform has gotten many positive reviews from the clients and also has good ratings.

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Let’s Discuss All These Platforms In Detail.

We have discussed these top best online tarot readings in short detail, but now it’s time to discuss these platforms briefly.

Psychic Source: Best for a love tarot reading

The psychic source is amongst the best online tarot reading for love and relationship.

The psychic source was founded in the year 1989 and is the oldest and most trusted site.

There are many 5-star reviews and ratings from many clients. It provides the best love tarot reading. Now, it offers online chats and live video readings too.

Psychic Source Great For?

A psychic source is great for providing the best tarot reading.

They provide their clients with some best psychic advisors that guide the client in different types of tarot online reading like love tarot reading, spiritual reading, energy healing, astrology and dream interpretations. They have more than 250 psychic reading experts.

Type of Reading Psychic Source Offer?

Psychic Source offers a wide variety of reading in different aspects. The types of tarot readings they offer include astrology readings, angel numbers, spiritual readings, astrological reading, accurate reading, career forecasts, palm readings, dream analysis and meanings, and many more types of readings.

You can get any type of reading via tarot card reading expert.

Specialties of Psychic Source?

A lot of services are offered by the Psychic Source. They have tarot card readers, career psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, etc.

You can check the specialties like reading styles, subject and divination tools they use by browsing the listings.

Psychic Source Special Offer

If you feel that the selection of more than 250 online psychics is too much time taking, then Psychic Source offers a special tool that recommends the best psychic for you and is based on the answers to a few questions.

By this, it will be easy for you to choose the psychic advisor’s profile and can book a chat psychic reading at any time.

Who should use Psychic Source?

Anyone who loves to do reading on topics like money and career, health, love, tarot card reading and much more.

Anybody can use Psychic Source easily and can get good guides through many Psychic reading experts.

Who should use Psychic Source?
  • Pros of Psychic Source

The psychic source has many professional and experienced tarot readers that explain to clients their reading topics in an excellent way.

Psychic source provides some options for clients to choose that are you can have a phone call, a video call, or you can have a live chat.

So, it is a very good point that if a person is shy to talk with a psychic advisor on a phone call, then he can have the option of live chat.

The psychic source has both a website and mobile app, so you can use it on your mobile phone too.

They also provide a money-back guarantee to their clients.

  • Cons of Psychic Source

Some things that people don’t like about the Psychic Source are:

As there are many psychics on the website of Psychic Source, but not all of the psychics are available for the option of video call.

Each psychic offers different prices. Some of the psychics can even cost more than 18$ per minute. That could cost you too much.

Sometimes the answers we get from our psychics are not as we expect.

Kasamba: Best for Love Tarot Readings

Kasamba is also included in the list of best platforms for love tarot readings. Here are the briefly explained details of Kasamba.

Kasamba great for?

Kasamba is great due to having experienced and expert psychic advisors. The positive and amazing reviews for kasamba by satisfied clients make new clients come and check this app.

Type of Reading Kasamba Offer

There is a huge list of types of reading Kasamba offers. You can find readings related to astrology, dream interpretation, love reading, money and career, accurate tarot card readings, and much more.

You can also get the readings related to daily life like finances, love and relationship, marriage or divorce, etc. So, it’s your choice to choose the reading from various aspects.

  • Specialities of Kasamba

The specialties of Kasamba are that they offer the first 3 minutes of tarot card reading sessions for free to new customers and a 15% discount on their first online tarot reading session.

They have a user-friendly mobile app; all the users can use the app of Kasamba very easily.

There is a wide section of readings provided to all clients.

The psychic advisors of Kasamba are experienced.

It has an easy option to communicate with psychics.

Who should use Kasamba?

The app of Kasamba can be used by anyone. Everyone who wants to read about love readings, daily life issues and other matters can easily use Kasamba.

  • Pros of Kasamba

Some benefits of using the Kasamba app are given below:

You can easily use the website and app of Kasamba. You just have to sign up, navigate the app or website and choose the reading of the tarot deck of cards.

There are experienced and professional tarot card readers having a great psychic profile that can guide you properly.

You can also read the blog in which you will get many readings on the topic like.

Love and romantic relationships, current relationships, issues faced in life, personal improvisation and much more.

  • Cons of Kasamba

Apart from good things, Kasamba also has some negative points.

Kasamba doesn’t have any video chat option. So, if you want to talk face to face, then you cannot have an option to call on video chat readings with the video readings online expert.

Some qualified tarot readers in this app only provide the option to chat or email.

You can only get a refund in the form of credit.

California Psychics: Best For A Love Tarot Reading

California Psychics come in the list of best love tarot reading too. Many people use this for a psychic reading. Some details about the California Psychics are given below:

California Psychics Great For?

California Psychics is great for having a lot of good user reviews by satisfied clients.

It has many psychic reader experts with an affordable budget.

Types of Reading California Psychics Offer

You can choose any type of reading from the massive list of the type of reading.

The type of reading we provide is related to real-life issues, past life psychics, pet psychics, accurate tarot reading life path psychics, and many other topics.

Types of Reading California Psychics Offer
  • Specialties of California Psychics

They have a variety of types of reading and have many professional psychics. California Psychics offers A plus customer service.

They have one of the best payment methods, including Debit cards, Credit cards (Discover, Visa, AMEX) and PayPal.

Promo codes are also provided by the California Psychics to valued customers or clients.

  • California Psychics Special Offer

California Psychics offers many packages and special offers from time to time.

You can buy the offer of 1$ per chat minute. You can buy many offers like this.

Who Should Use California Psychics?

California Psychics can be used by every human being living in this world.

If you want to know about the different readings, then you should definitely use this app or website.

Pros of California Psychics

Some good points about the California Psychics are as given below:

They offer many types of readings and methods of reading

Professional and experienced psychics reading experts.

Their customer service is an A-plus.

Cons of California Psychics

Some negative things about California Psychics are as given below:

The site of California Psychics doesn’t show negative feedback.

Their structure of pricing packages can be a little bit confusing sometimes.

Keen: Best for Love Tarot Readings

Let us discuss the Keen app in brief detail.

Keen Great For?

Keen is known as one of the best sources for an online tarot reading. It’s a safe and secure website where your information remains confidential. You can read tarot readings here easily.

Type Of Reading Keen Offer

The keen app offers many types of reading that are like issues related to life, love and relationship, and much more readings.

Psychics advisors and spiritual advisors can guide you properly in explaining these types of readings.

  • Specialties Of Keen

There are psychics that have specialization in different readings on the Keen website.

The client will see many psychics having specialization in many types of reading.

  • Keen Special Offer

Keen gives special offers from time to time to different clients. For new customers, they have a special offer that is they can get free 3 trial minutes for the first time.

Who should Use Keen?

Any person can use the Keen app who loves psychics reading. You can either read a blog of your choice, or you can buy a psychic reading.

Pros of Keen?

This app is available 24 hours a year.

New customers can get 3 free minutes.

You can never be charged for a psychic reading without permission.

  • Cons of Keen

After the first free 3 minutes, you can buy reading for up to 40$ per minute.

The keen app doesn’t have a video call option to see your psychic.

It is hard to pick one psychic from so many psychics.

Purple Garden: Best For A Love Tarot Reading

Below are the brief details provided of the Purple Garden.

Purple Garden Great For?

Purple Garden is known as the great online tarot reading platform. With many psychic reading experts, you can read the reading of your own choice.

Type of Reading Purple Garden Offer

Purple Garden offers a huge list of Psychic readings. Mostly, these readings are Tarot reading, love and relationship reading, daily life issues reading.

And many other types of reading. From these types of reading given, you have to pick one of your choices.

Type of Reading Purple Garden Offer
  • Specialties of Purple Garden

The specialties of Purple Garden are they have many expert and experienced Psychic advisors.

They provide a wide range of types of reading and also have affordable pricing packages for clients.

  • Purple Garden Special Offer

In the purple garden, there is a special offer for new clients or customers that is they can get free 3 minutes for the very first time. From time to time they give special offers to their clients.

Who Should Use The Purple Garden?

Purple Garden can be used by any person. It is easy to use, and anyone can use it easily.

  • Pros of Purple Garden

Purple Garden is a well-developed mobile app.

There are hundreds of psychics to choose from.

They provide good customer service.

Affordable pricing packages

  • Cons of Purple Garden

The website of the purple garden has fewer features than the mobile app.

It doesn’t provide any satisfaction guarantee.

Mysticsense Best For Love Tarot Reading

The briefly explained details of Mysticsense are given below:

Mysticsense Great For?

Mysticsense is a great platform for tarot reading; it helps you find your own path, whichever is best suitable for you.

Aas its own catchphrase says, find your path to success. They provide great advisors for psychics, Astrology, Tarot and more.

Type of Reading Mysticsense Offer?

The type of readings they offer are psychics, tarot, astrology and more.

Specialties of Mysticsense?

As a well-developed platform, the mystic sense is that they provide free first five minutes to interact with psychics and share their problems with them.

To do so, you will need to create an account on their website, deposit at least 10 dollars.

Then you are free to choose your psychic and have a free first five minutes conversation with them.

Mysticsense Special offer?

Mysticsense platform also provides credit promos of $15 if you first deposit $15 or more, and also $10 for depositing your first time.

Who Should Use Mysticsense?

People who want to know which path to follow or choose which path is more right for them should use mysticsense.

People who are interested in a tarot reading, psychics, and astrology should use that.

Pros of Mysticsense?

Pros of Myscticsense is that they provide the best tarot reading to their clients, as mysticsense psychics use different tools such as tarot cards and crystal balls, or they can provide tarot reading without them as well.

Psychics of mysticsense are very experienced and can deal with various areas like love and relationships, family including pets, career, life path and more.

Cons of Mysticsense?

You only get the first 5 minutes then you have to pay for your psychic.

No mobile apps as you have to connect to a website to interact.

Other websites provide free horoscopes, but mysticsense doesn’t.


What Kind Of Answers Do I Get From Tarot Readings?

The kind of answers you get from tarot readings are dependent mostly on the questions asked.
Since you can ask anything related to your life, career and path, the answers will be a make a change in your decision or to help out find your right path.

Do Tarot Readings Online Predict The Future?

Tarot readings online technically don’t predict the future, but it tells us the ways and path that following can make your life better.

Can Online Tarot Cards Reading Help Me With Any Issues In My Relationship?

Yes, reading online tarot cards can help with any issues in your relationship.

How To Deal With A Bad Tarot Reading?

There can be all bad or negative card combos, and they can make your day bad.
To deal with you should learn to ignore or fight against it by just saying not today, Satan.

Is A Free Tarot Card Reading Legitimate?

Yes, a free tarot card reading is legitimate.

What Should I Avoid When Looking For A Tarot Reading Online?

Things you should avoid when looking for a tarot reading online are basically avoiding scam sites/platforms, avoiding talking and asking a lot, and not fearing or hesitating.

What Religion Do Tarot Cards Come From?

Tarot cards, according to research, were found and invented in northern Italy and linked to Egypt and Iran.

Does Online Tarot Reading Work For Everyone?

Online tarot reading doesn’t work for everyone but can be done by anyone.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed the best online tarot reading platforms briefly.

All these platforms are best to use and provide professional reading experts for an online tarot reading.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our article, and now you can use these apps for an online tarot reading.

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