Angel Number 21 Meaning – Spiritual Significance and Symbolism

Seeing the same number everywhere you go? Perhaps a license plate, a receipt, or even your ATM card? There is no need to worry

! There is a reason why this is happening to you, and we are here to explain. There are beings called Guardian Angels that look out for you.

Angel Number 21 Meaning

Since they do not exist on the same plane, communicating with them is always a little difficult.

If you see 21 everywhere you go, it’s a great sign. It means that they are trying to give you a message! Let’s dive deeper, shall we?

Angel Number 21 – What Does It Mean?

If you see this number, brace yourself for upcoming changes. A new chapter of your life is right around the corner.

New opportunities are awaiting. Even though it seems like a daunting act to let go of the known, it is definitely time to step out of your comfort zone and venture into the world.

Trust your guardian angel, and go for it head-on!

According to Online Research:

Angel number 21 is a symbol of innovative thinking and trustworthy relationships. Creative thinking, self-expression, inspiration, and an optimistic outlook are all strongly related to the number 21.

Number 21 Symbolism

Your angels are asking you to embrace your independent nature. You will eventually have to start relying on yourself, and there is no better time than the present.

Even though this is an uncertain time in your life, you must learn to be patient. Your positive energy resonates in you and the universe itself, and you are rewarded accordingly.

Remember to be assertive in decisions you have to make, knowing that your guardian angel will never misguide you. 

What Does 21 Mean Spiritually?

It is such a fast-paced and competitive world we live in; ever since corona hit, it’s more uncertain and chaotic than usual.

During times like these, it is our faith, our connection to the universe, that keeps us going. You need to remember that the divine realm has your back.

If you keep on seeing this number, there is no better sign. As we have already mentioned before, this is the time for a change.

This change requires you to make decisions you may otherwise be uncomfortable with. Perhaps, this path will be easier for you to follow with a change in mindset.

To go from this chapter of your life to the next, balance is key. With that being said, you need to identify your inner power.

Only you, and you alone, have the strength to make the necessary changes in your life according to the divine message sent by your angels.

Calm yourself down and try to be at one with the universe. The more positive energy you send out into the universe, the more positive energy you will receive in return.

This calm determination will be your guiding flame. In short, 21 is a sign from your angels saying that you can manifest anything you choose. Just put your mind to it.  

There are seven spiritual life cycles. 21 falls under the third chakra life cycle. It is ruled by the Solar Plexus Chakra.

That is one of the most formative of all stages because everything we do in this cycle, every decision we make, sets us up for what comes next.

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Angel Number 21 Biblical Meaning

Angel number 21 in the Bible is a little tricky to apply. We will try to break it down in a way that you will be able to use this meaning to make your life better. 

There are both positive and negative things associated with 21 in the Bible. First of all, this number is considered to represent sin and rebellion.

The children of Israel had 21 rebellious events after leaving the Egyptian bondage. Interestingly, there is a close connection between 21 and 13 in the Bible.

13 is a number of sins. If we add 13 and 8, we will get 21. Eight is considered to be a symbol of new beginnings.

Keeping this in mind, you may be running into new opportunities against the Bible and its teachings.

According to the Hebrew calendar, the Feast of Tabernacles was on the 21st of the seventh month.

That was an important date because it marked the end of Jesus’ 1000-year reign. It was the time that the Devil ran free for a short period of time, executing the mission to start rebellion and war.

This war was supposedly waged against all things holy. 

21 is associated with resurrection or new beginnings. It’s basically symbolizing the end of one cycle and the start of a new mission.

The last Judah’s king, Zedekiah, ascended to the throne when he was 21. 21 is a sacred number that represents the closeness of the Temple and God.

After his resurrection, Jesus was seen in 21 places in Palestine to show his followers that he was indeed alive. 

When you think about the word ‘sin,’ it does not have to be related to the seven deadly sins. It can refer to any immorality that is your weakness.

Sometimes, they can refer to emotional problems. This just means that you have to be stronger than your weaknesses. Have fun but be smart. 

Number 21 Meaning in Islam

The 21st chapter in the Qur’an is called Al-Anbiya. That is the chapter where all prophets have been named.

Number 21 Meaning in Islam

According to this religious scripture, even though the total number of prophets is close to 12400, 25 have been mentioned by name in the Qur’an. 

21 Numerology Meaning

The number 21 is formed by combining 1 and 2. The number 1 is all about new beginnings and a positive attitude.

Leadership qualities such as honesty, originality, and determination are attributed to this number.

On the other hand, 2 is more about diplomacy and cooperation. Selflessness and the ability to compromise are dominant features of the number 2.

When you combine the vibrational energies of both these numbers, you get a unique and fun personality.

Where it is deemed necessary, you will compromise in family relationships or in your love life.

Communication and a combined effort to achieve your goals are a major part of the number 21.

Loving, reassuring, and calm, people that see 21 possess the qualities a long-term partner has.

Their practical approach to problem-solving is a highlight. 

21 Angel Number in Love and Relationships

Taking this number is a sign that you are finally mature enough to pursue a long-term romantic relationship.

This phase in life should be a very exciting one because you finally get to meet the special someone in your world and make them a part of yours.

There is an abundance of positivity surrounding you and your future relationship, even if there seems to be no hope.

If you are already in a relationship, there is great news for you! Just because 21 means new beginnings doesn’t mean that something must come to an end.

Maybe you were looking for a sign to propose? Perhaps you wanted the universe to tell you if you are ready for a family or not.

Whatever it was, this is the sign you were looking for! There is no need for you to second-guess this anymore.

Your guardian angels have seen your healthy relationship, and they approve!

For those that are struggling with their relationships, do not worry. Sit down and have a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner.

Hear them out, and be receptive. Things are not as bad as we think they are. If you both are willing to work on your relationship, there is always hope.

Maybe for you, new beginnings just mean a fresh start. 

Angel Number 21 Manifestation and Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction or Law of Manifestation places emphasis on the power of your thoughts. It says that what you focus on becomes your reality.

Your thoughts have the power to change your life drastically. For example, if you focus hard enough to envision a life for yourself where you have enough money to live comfortably, you will attract or manifest opportunities that will get you on that path.

For this to work, you need to be conscious of your thoughts instead of reacting to them. The more positivity you send out into the universe, the more you’ll receive. 

Going by this law and what we know of angel number 21, this is your new beginning – the kind of beginning that you have wanted for yourself but could never get.

That is the time to break free of the chains shackling you to the familiarity of your old life.

Manifest the opportunities you want for yourself and see the ways divine intervention gets you to the place you belong. 

Number 21 Twin Flame

The concept of twin flames is a very beautiful one. It is believed that when someone is born, their soul is split into two.

These split souls are inside two different bodies. If you are lucky enough to find your other half, you know life is going to be great.

The level of passion, understanding, and wholeness that you will feel will be better than anything you have ever felt in your entire life.

Just imagine being put together after being broken all your life. That kind of calm will wash over you, and you will revel in the beauty of this love.

Now you must be wondering when you will be lucky enough to feel this feeling, right?

Lucky for you, seeing this number means that you are very close to finally finding your twin flame.

They may be found in the most elusive of places, so you must remember to keep your eyes and heart very open.

Just go with what feels right, and everything will fall into place without effort whatsoever! It will be as easy as counting!

If you have recently broken up with your twin flame, please rest assured. Even twin flames go through these rough patches.

Just know that this is a part of the process. Perhaps you two need time to be apart for a while in order for you to see what you had.

Just know that this is not the end. During this time, look inward and fix the flaws that you find in yourself.

A twin flame is very close to a spiritual relationship. In order to rekindle that love, be ready to work on yourself for their sake.

Angel Number 21 Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is famous in the world of spirituality. She has said that the meaning of angel number 21 is nothing but positive.

For being such a pure soul, God Himself is rewarding you by giving you this sign. This number helps guide you to your destiny.

Angel Number 21 Doreen Virtue

Balance, stability, and power come to the person that sees this number a lot. Doreen Virtue goes on to say that positive assertions will take you a long way.

Be sure to be pleasantly surprised about professional life or mutual understanding between you and your partner. 

What To Do When You See Number 21?

When you next see angel number 21, try to remember what you were doing, what you were hoping for, and what you were asking for.

That is understanding what message the angels are trying to send. We can guide you about all the probable meanings of angel number 21.

But only you can decide which meaning applies to your life and current situation. 

Next, you need to be positive. New beginnings mean the closing of old chapters. Even though it may upset you and scare you a little bit, have faith.

The spiritual realm will never misguide you. Your strong connection to the divine shall get you through this. 

Remain optimistic, no matter the circumstances. We know it is easier said than done, but positive affirmations and, of course, your guardian angels will get you through this. 

Use the Law of Manifestation to your advantage. Focus on the outcomes that you desire. You will indeed attract the energy you release out into the universe. 

Reasons Why You Keep Seeing 21 Numbers?

There are quite a few reasons why you keep on seeing this number over and over again.

1. Your guardian angels are trying to push you to become more independent. Relying on someone is human nature, but you must rise above this.

In the end, no one will be there to take the fall for your actions but yourself. The sooner you realize this, the faster you will learn to rely on no one but yourself. 

2. This number is sent to you if you are losing sight of who you are. It is very easy to become influenced by people.

It is possible to start trusting people that have different beliefs and mindsets. In the midst of all this, do not forget who you are and what you stand for. 

3. Do not give up. Even though things seem dreary right now, they will not be like this forever. New beginnings are right around the corner, and you will find what you need to be at peace. 

How To Attract Angel Number 21?

Feel like you are missing something in your life? Well, there are ways to attract this number too.

Think about what excites you, things that give you the inspiration to be a better person.

Manifest this energy around you and release it into the world. Figure out how to bring these things into reality.

How To Attract Angel Number 21?

It can be confusing when you have so many paths to choose from but don’t worry! You will be receiving divine help along the way.

Tale that first step toward your goal; then see how things change for you from here on out. Another thing to do is stay positive.

Surround yourself with positive energies, be it your friends, family, or even your job! Lastly, be patient.

Everything takes time, and you must have the ability to stay calm until you get what you are looking for!

Why Is 21 A Lucky Number?

21 is a lucky number because it gives rise to new and exciting opportunities. People who see this number are very lucky in love too.

They enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting, and impactful romance that can be compared to no other. It is a symbol of the fulfillment of desires, success, and wealth.

An abundance of blessings and good tidings for interpersonal relationships are to be expected! Now, who can say that 21 is not a lucky number?

The Secret Influence Of 21 Number

You are under the influence of heavy angelic and heavenly forces. This thought alone is enough to give you a lot of confidence.

Your determination becomes stronger; your belief in righteousness is also affected positively.

You know that you are being rewarded for your patience and hard work, giving you that final push you need to take that first step in the right direction.

Knowing that the universe itself supports your decisions is liberating. 

Interesting Facts About Number 21

1. The number 21 does not belong to the prime number series. I know, even we were pretty surprised.

2. The 21st prime number is 73

3. Lutetia is the 21st asteroid (discovered by H.M.S. Goldschmidt in 1852)

4. It is a lucky number for Scorpios and Aries

5. In the periodic table, Scandium’s atomic number is 21. 

6. 21 is the minimum age at which people are allowed to enter casinos in America

7. According to physician Duncan MacDougal, the physical weight of the soul is 21 grams.

8. 21 guns are fired to honor heads of state

9. 21 is the age at which people in America can buy alcohol

10. 21 is an odd number

Final Thoughts

Seeing 21 is anything but scary. It should fill you with hope, optimism, and positivity.

Surely, whatever you had planned to do was good enough for your angels to get behind.

So keep your head up and keep the faith!

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