Angel Number 12 Meaning: Meaning and Symbolism

The angel number is the sign to show the perfection you need to achieve in your life.

The effort you may make today will implement your future in a brighter way. The number 12 is an innovative number in numerology.

Angel Number 12 Meaning

Number 12- What Does It Mean?

Number-12 is made up of one and a two. The number one (1) correlates to independence, and the number two (2) corresponds to sensitivity and patience.

It is the smallest number for which the sum of its proper desires (1+2+3+4+6=16) is greater.

In early civilization, the number 12 was a very important number to mathematicians and astronomers. It was considered the lucky number because it is nicely divisible.

Number-12 is the basic essence of numerology, and it is a creative, optimistic number.

It further signifies authority appointment and completeness.

According to online research:

The 1212 angel number is a powerful sign from the universe and your guardian angels. It can be interpreted as a message that you’re on the right path, or that a significant change is about to happen in your life for the better.

12 Angel Number Symbolism?

Number-12 is the largest number that has just one syllable. Twelve men have walked on the earth’s moon.

The number 666 is used to represent the devil; on the other side, 12,12,12 are believed to singly God and heaven.

There are 12 months, 12 zodiac signs, and 12 stations of the moon and of the sun.

The number 12 carries religious mythological and magical symbolism. It has represented perfection since ancient times.

Angel Number-12 is related to love as well, and it is considered to be a symbol of love.

The 12 sons and 12 apostles are symbols of authority both in ancient Israel and in the Christian Church.

The Spiritual Meaning Number 12 

Number 12 is of the greatest importance if it is taken spiritually. In Biblical numerology, it is the most important number.

The appearance of the number 12 frequently provides a divine message that everything should be done for the benefit of humanity. 

Jesus had 12 Apostles, and Jacob had 12 sons. There are 12 tribes of Israel and so on.

Angel Number 12 symbolizes letting go of old habits, surrounding yourself with positivity, showing respect and love to family, and being confident in your skills towards achieving your goals.

Thus, it is a strong number with lots of positivity and could greatly impact your life. This angel number 12 makes your life beautiful and peaceful with its effects all over.

Uplifting and inspiring your intuition. Making you more confident. This number helps in spiritual growth.

What does the number 12 indicate?

The number 12 is mentioned often in the New Testament of the Bible, such as Jesus’ selection of 12 apostles, he said. That choice was deliberate, with each apostle representing one of the 12 tribes of Israel, said Reed, a professor emeritus of pastoral theology and research

Are there 12 gates in heaven?

In the Book of Revelations (Revelation 21:12), there is reference to the twelve gates, each of which represents a different passageway to heaven. Additionally, in folklore and mythology, it is commonly believed that there exists twelve gates, or entrances, to the underworld.

What are the 12 stars in Revelation?

The twelve stars above her head apply to both the twelve patriarchs of the tribes of Israel (original people of God), and the twelve apostles (renewed people of God). Of course, this symbolism has been interpreted in different and more subjective ways, especially for various devotional forms.

The Biblical Meaning of Angel Number 12

The characteristics of angel number 12 are notably present in the Bible. There is a history behind this angel number 12.

The old Testament Book of Genesis states that Jacob had 12 sons, and each son had formed 12 tribes of Israel.

The New Testament states that Jesus had 13 followers. According to the Book of Revelation, 12 gates are guarded by 13 angels in the Kingdom of God.


The number 12 represents many features like the 12 months of the year and the 12 sequences of the Zodiac. Number 12 occurs 187 times in the Bible.

Bible scholars state that 12 is a product of 3 and 4, which shows the divine life and earthly, respectively.

The bodies are linked to the number 12 while moving through the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

The number 12 represents the symbol of God’s perfect and supernatural authority because it symbolizes completeness. It is said to be the perfect number.

Numerology Facts About Number 12

The numerology in number 12 is the uninfluenced sociability. It is an innovative and optimistic existence and social in nature.

The number 12 is the competency to imagine; it’s embodied in its creativity. 

The article is about angel number 12 and its power. It is believed that angel number 12 can have an efficient credit in our life if it keeps appearing to you.

You can cognizance this number in many different deals or situations. When this number appears once, it doesn’t have to mean anything at all.

But it appears too many times; then you should pay more compensation to it. Your angels may be trying to get your attention.

Number 12 In Love

Angel number 13 is related to love too. In other words, we can say that the number 12 is said to be the symbol of love.

The meaning of love of angel number 12 is focusing on yourself, which is your first priority and showing the connection with others.

It explains you to pay attention to your relationships with your loved ones, friends, and family. You are warned to look after this area of your life.

Observe that if something needs to be changed to honor you and your loved ones. However, it is a positive omen of change and hope.

It indicates struggle in your life, especially in your relationships with your loved ones, so first, you have to find out the cause of the issues.

What Does 12 Mean For Twin Flames?

The twin flame is a soul connection with someone thought to be a person’s other half.

Angel number 12 indicates that all the creatures are the creation of the almighty God, and he had decided on the twin flame and grouped them into pairs.

He has made the best advocate for you who praise your choices and desire.


They are very similar to you, similar in likes, dislikes, character, or temperament, and you refer to them as a mirror soul or twin flame.

Finding or coming across your soulmate takes enough time, but there is no way to look back when you meet them.

They continuously inspire you by their actions and manner to comfort you instead of stress.

The journey with your soulmate will be full of strength. You become capable of fighting or defeating the highest peak of any obstacle when you both are together.

Doreen Virtue’s Interpretation Of Angel Number 12

According to Doreen Virtue, the angel number 12 is associated with the meaning of the start of a new beginning.

So, wherever you see this number, remember that guardian angels are sending you a message to get ready for a new beginning in your life.

Doreen Virtue tells you to work hard in order to gain success. You should continue your hard work with determination.

According to Doreen Virtue, Angel number 12 and angel number 1212 both are significantly the same.

This angel number tells you to fulfill the dreams in life that you want. Avoid negative people in life. Make your dreams come true.

Seeing Angel Number 12, What Now?

If you keep seeing angel number 12, then what should you do now?.

You should believe in your skills, talents, and abilities. Spread and share your knowledge with others who don’t have it.

In this journey, don’t feel that you are alone. Angels and High powers are with you for your full support.

The only thing you need to do is to pray and meditate. Keep your faith in the Divine. Don’t ever forget to listen to messages of guardian angels.

These are not ordinary messages; they are special messages sent from God for your personal growth.

Reasons You Keep Seeing Angel Number 12

Various reasons that you should keep seeing angel number 12 are as given below:

  • Angel number 12 tells you to forget about your past and look for a bright future. You have made a lot of mistakes in the past as this number is a symbol of growth, so instead of remembering them, you should learn from them.
  • Don’t worry; everybody in this world makes mistakes. So, for a better future, you should keep seeing angel number 12. Angel number 12 will help you in your personal and spiritual growth.
  • The other reason to see this angel number is that it brings positive change in life. This number changes your negative things into positive ones.
  • Angel wants you to enjoy your life and give time to your valuable friends and families.
  • Spend your time interacting with good people in life. Your positive thinking manifests your positive energies.
  • This angel number will show you positive things that you should follow.
  • Another reason to look at this angel number is that it makes a person able to believe in himself.
  • Angel number 12 motivates you that you are capable of doing anything in life. Your belief in yourself will make you achieve your goal successfully and quickly.
  • By believing in yourself, you can get the personal power to face hardships. Therefore, keep faith in yourself, and you will be able to do anything in real life.
  • One more reason you should look at angel number 12 is that it tells you that you are skillful and talented.
  • Your skills and talents will make you reach higher and higher ranks. However, you should use your skills and talents to gain success.
  • You are a gifted person. You should be grateful to God for all the gifts that he has given to you. In finding your skills and talents, angel number 12 will help you out.
  • Angel number 12 indicates that you are a blessed person. You’re blessed with leadership skills as well.
  • This number tells you to keep learning and exploring good things, and after learning, you should spread and share it with other people.
  • Use your leadership skills for for-profit purposes. In this world, you’ve been sent to help people who are in need.

So, these are the significance of angel numbers and some reasons that you should keep seeing these angel numbers in everyday life to get Divine messages.

Is 12 A Powerful Number?

Yes, 12 is a powerful number. The number 12 is associated with a Divine number. No negative energy is linked with this number.


Therefore, the number 12 is very powerful. In different religions, this number holds a lot of significance.

Let’s look at the significance of this number in some religions;

  • In Christianity, 12 disciples of Jesus are identified by Christians. Some Christians celebrate 12 days of Christmas.
  • In the Old Testament, the number twelve occurs many times.
  • According to sects of Muslims, there are 12 ruling Imams that follow Muhammad. 
  • Following the Greek Mythology, there were 12 Gods of Olympus. Many people eat lunch at 12 noon and don’t sleep until 12.

So, these are the importance of the number 12 in several religions and cultures.

Therefore, this number holds a lot of importance for many types of people. 

Why Angel Number 12 Can Be Bad Luck For Some?

Seeing angel number 12 means that you are a kind-hearted and loving person.

However, the people who are not associated with this type of nature may think of this angel number as a stroke of bad luck for them.

This number is an encouragement for people to live meaningful lives. If you are not living a meaningful life and ignoring this number, then this number could be a bit of bad luck for you.

You may feel that you are running out of luck and feel unimportant and worthless in life. Therefore, pay attention to this number and do good deeds.

How Does The Energy Of Angel Number 12 Affect Us?

The angel number 12 is all about believing in ourselves that we have enough strength to make our dreams come true in reality.

All the angel numbers have a lot of energy. However, this angel number is also linked with many energies.

The number 12 comes in front of you to give these energies to you to fulfill all dreams and goals.

The positive energy of this angel number affects us in terms of our improvement in daily life.

12 number’s energy doesn’t affect us in bad manners; instead, this number gives us the power to face difficult challenges and difficult times in this material world.

The Secret Influence Of 12 Number

The angel number 12 is a very strong and powerful angel number as other angel numbers are and hold a powerful message.

If you are seeing this number repeatedly, it indicates that this number holds a special message that comes from powerful energies.

Angels assure you that they will help you in all hard times and will provide a perfect life path.

Angel number 12 links with the family environment as well. If you are a leader of your family, then it is your responsibility to create a friendly atmosphere in the house.

As a family member, you show respect to your elders. Each family member should play a role in creating a friendly and happy environment in the house in professional life.

Be kind to others. Treat other people with respect and care. If you are financially well, help the needy people financially in their tough times.

They tell you to use your skills in a good way and share your abilities with people as well.

Convert your normal time into quality time. You can do anything. In all the things, guardian angels will help you.

What Did You Not Know About Angel Number 12?

Let’s talk about some facts about number 12. Here are some of the facts that are given below;

  • 12 in normal words is written as twelve; in Roman, it is written as XII.
  • In accordance with Bible, Jacob had 12 sons.
  • Jesus had 12 disciple
  • There are 12 months in a single year
  • 12 inches are in afoot
  • There are 12 items in a dozen
  • In a clock, there are 12 hours
  • There are 12 signs in Zodiac
  • Twelve things in a group are known as Duodecad
  • Jupiter’s 12th moon is known as Lyshitea
  • In the human body, there are 12 pairs of ribs
  • On earth’s moon, 12 men have walked
  • On the flag of Europe, there are 12 stars
  • The 5th of January is the 12th day of Christmas
  • At the age of 12, you can buy a pet in accordance with British law


In this article, we have discussed angel number 12. We discussed its meaning, spiritual significance, and a lot of other details.

Therefore, there is nothing to worry about it. All the angel numbers have good means, and it comes to you for your betterment ahead in life.

It doesn’t have any bad meanings. Whenever you see this number, you should have a positive mindset.

The angel number holds special messages that have been sent to you by universal energies.

Through this number, God wants to communicate with you and want to guide you in the right direction in life.

God wants that you should live a quality and purposeful life. Angels through this number provide spiritual guidance for a person to live a perfect life.

They guide you towards a spiritual path and the right life path in your personal life.

You will see the angel numbers in everyday life, such as; number plates of vehicles, license plates, and in many other places.

You should also think positively and move forward. Built positivity in life. Stay focused to achieve your goals.

After the fulfillment of your goal, you will receive an amazing life. We hope that you enjoyed reading our article and all your doubts about angel number 12 have vanished.

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