888 Meaning Numerology & Law Of Attraction Briefly Explained

As most of us already know, everyone has a guardian angel looking after them.

At every step of our lives, we are looked after and protected by these guardian angels.

Sometimes, when there is a need, the angels try to contact us.

There are many ways with which an angel can communicate with a human.

888 Meaning

They include flashing lights, rainbows, feathers, or coins. The most common way to communicate, however, is through recurring numbers.

These numbers are called Angel Numbers. Each number signifies a different message that we have to decipher.

In order to attain maximum spiritual enlightenment, it is essential that you figure out what your angel is trying to tell you and why.

If you keep on seeing the same number everywhere you look, chances are that there is a deeper spiritual meaning behind all of this.

Today, we will discuss Angel Number 888. 

What Is The Meaning Of 888 Angel Number?

At a glance, 888 means that you need to figure out a way to handle your finances in such a way that you find financial abundance.

You are responsible for the people around you, namely, your family, maybe even your friends, and you must handle this duty wisely and maturely. 

Looking deeper into the meaning of angel number 888, there are many reasons for seeing this number.

According to numerology, the foundation number of 8 is very closely related to foundation number 6.

8, as a foundation number, represents entrepreneurship or building a business.

6 is more related to family relations. As a result, 888 is a perfect blend between the two foundation numbers.

That makes it extremely unique. The number 888 means to be nurturing, to be in sync with all of your family members, including your extended family.

And to be in perfect harmony with them. It represents providing the ideal home where there is healing, comfort, efficiency, and harmony.

What Is The Meaning Of 888 Angel Number?

Alongside that, it means financial responsibility.

When it comes to your career, you are very practical and make wise decisions based on your knowledge and past experience. 

The spiritual meaning of angel number 888 is in abundance.

If you keep on seeing this number frequently in unexpected places, like doing to work or visiting your dentist, chances are a great deal of money is about to enter your life.

In order to get there, you have to make sure that your thoughts and actions are in sync.

If you align yourself to your thoughts, you will indeed attract the positive energy you were so desperate to find.

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What Is The Significance Of Angel Number 888?

To fully understand what 888 truly signifies, it is important for you to understand the foundation number, 8. 8 is a symbol of infinity, meaning it is related to all things infinite, boundless, everlasting, and immeasurable.

What has no bounds? Love and time are two great examples. Though hardship also tends to last, there is no need to fret.

You must keep on believing because with hardship comes ease.

If you see the number 8 twice, it means that you are almost in a place where you will attain financial stability.

All your hard work and sacrifice are about to come to an end. You are about to get what you have always wanted.  

As to the significance of Angel Number 888, you see this number when you are in dire need of reassurance.

You may need reassurance with regards to your family life or your professional life.

It does not matter where you need it. You have to have faith, and rest assured that your difficult times are about to come to an end. 

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What’s The Symbolism Of Angel Number 888?

The symbolism around 888 is purely religious. Jesus is represented by 888 in Christianity.

His resurrection and the baptism are also represented by this number. It is also a symbol of redemption.

It is thought to be a number of perfection. 

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888 Numerology

The numerology of 888 is very interesting. The foundation number of 888 is the digit 8.

8 basically represents all things of monetary value. Out of all the numbers out there, 8 is the number that is most close to material wealth.

It can be applied to businesses, finances, building companies, and creating new opportunities for oneself.

Anyone who sees this number has their goals set out and is very clear about achieving them.

It is along the lines of a masculine number and indicates very headstrong and mighty bosses.

They have a life path decided, and they are going to go down the path no matter what. 

888 Numerology

As mentioned earlier, 8 and 6 are very closely related. Let’s discuss the traits of the number 6.

When we look at the number 6, we see actions and decisions made out of love. It represents compassion.

There is a positive abundance of selflessness associated with this number. Empathy, harmony, balance – all the qualities of a good caretaker are represented by 6.

Since 888 is a beautiful blend of 6 and 8, the outcome of this angel number is glorious in itself.

When you combine the benevolence, empathy, and grace of 6 with the practicality, shrewd cleverness, and intelligence of 8, you get 888.

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Biblical Meaning Of 888

The biblical meaning of a number is usually different than its counterpart in numerology.

First, we will go into the significance of 8 in the Bible. It is a symbol of the creation of new life, new beginnings.

It signifies that man is always born again. It represents eternal life. 8 were the total number of sons of Abraham.

8 scribes wrote down the Bible. The number symbolizes the moment when the Holy Spirit was received.

Abdon, the judge of Isreal, served his court for 8 years. Going by the aforementioned statements, it is wise to assume that 8 is a very important number.

Seeing it thrice is definitely a sign of divinity. 888 is also associated with Jesus. 

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Number 888 In Love And Relationships

When it comes to matters of love, 888 sends a very important message.

If you are already in a relationship but are having problems, the chances are that they will be resolved soon.

All you need to do is be compassionate and understanding when you are talking to your partner.

Note down all their complaints and grievances. Try to work on your own shortcomings.

Make your partner understand your thoughts and vision. Highlight each other’s strengths and work on each other’s weaknesses.

Rebuild the foundation. It may sound tedious, but it will be worth it.

It is only through communication that you will be able to fix things.

If you are single and looking for ‘the one,’ now is the time that they will enter your life.

You will find the exact kind of person you have been dreaming about!

If you are going through a breakup, this is your angel’s way of telling you that it is going to be okay.

Your old partner was not good for you; thus, you were stuck in a bad relationship.

They were holding you back from reaching your true potential.

There is going to be a new love coming your way, a love so remarkable; it will make you forget your past. 

It is also possible that there is going to be a new addition to your family and friend circle.

It could be a girlfriend or boyfriend, a new husband or wife.

Whatever it may be, the angel number is asking you to brace yourself for something new.

No matter what the case is, you have a chance to create beautiful and meaningful relationships with the new addition to your circle!

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888 Angel Number Twin Flame

Wondering what the right time to start looking for your twin flame is?

Well, seeing the angel number should give you the confidence to start searching.

Before you are united forever, there are four stages you must go through.

The stages are Search, Union, Separation, and Reunion. 

If you are lucky enough to have already found your twin flame, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

In order to have a successful and stable relationship, you have to conquer your demons first.

888 Angel Number Twin Flame

Once you deal with your own insecurities, you become calmer.

This calm attitude will help you deal with any issue that might arise between you and your twin flame.

It is possible that you see 888 when you are in a rough patch with your twin flame.

Do not fret; this is a good sign. It indicates that the conflict is going to be resolved very soon.

The Universe is trying to tell you that it is on your side and that you must not give up hope on meaningful relationships.

With continued effort, you are sure to fix things in no time!

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888 Meaning Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction works on one basic principle; you attract the energy you release into the universe.

If you are a positive, glass-half-full thinker, you will only attract good things.

Similarly, if you believe that bad things are going to happen to you, the chances are that the universe will detect the negativity oozing out of you and give you exactly what you expect.

When you see this number, it is usually a good sign. It means that you can use the Law of Attraction to your advantage.

Continue to send out as many positive vibes out into the universe and see how you are rewarded.

You will see more opportunities, better circumstances, and even better relationships.

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The Spiritual Meaning Of 888

According to the famous author Doreen Virtue, 888 shows that your thoughts are completely in sync with your actions.

It means that you are about to receive the wealth you so truly deserve.

It signifies positive energy, new beginnings, and drastic changes.

As long as you have a positive outlook on life, as long there is an alignment of energy between you and the angels, you will be rewarded.

If you see this number, you must be encouraged and reassured that the universe itself and the angels in it are supporting you and giving you encouragement.

It also holds value in Egyptian Culture. For them, it means everlasting light.

In this concept, there is no division between heaven and earth; everything is illuminated by this divine light.

What Should You Do When You Keep On Seeing 888 Everywhere?

If you keep on seeing the angel number everywhere, there are a few things you need to do.

These may include bringing about a change in your outlook on life or figuring out how you are going to live a more balanced life.

When you receive the angel message, it is time to transcend into a spiritual realm and recognize who you really are and what potential you may be harboring. 

Seeing this number can indicate that you are ready to share your knowledge and wisdom with the world.

Getting to the point where you are today has taken you a long time.

What Should You Do When You Keep On Seeing 888 Everywhere?

There have been many sacrifices that you have had to make, many tough decisions as well.

Finding the right balance in life has given you wisdom and courage.

All of the hardships you have faced have made you the person you are today.

According to your angel messenger, you are ready to share your life lessons with anyone who might need the wisdom.

Anyone you may encounter will appreciate and respect your guidance. Your kindness and selflessness will make this world a better place.

Ever heard of the phrase, ‘you reap what you sow’?

Well, if you see this number frequently, it is time for you to receive the result of all your hard work.

Your uphill battle is about to be rewarded with someone amazing. Everything you have ever done has led you to this moment, this life that you are leading.

Even your past mistakes are a part of this journey. Without them, you would not have been where you are today.

Embrace your life, warts and all, and be grateful to your beautiful angel for sending you such a positive sign. 

Your guardian angels see you focusing on positive things, and they are sending you a sign that you are on the right track.

With this mindset and the energy you are releasing into the universe, the universe is giving back by matching your attitude.

You may be getting more opportunities or favorable outcomes for all your problems.

This is because the universe is in sync with your thought process.

So no matter how hard it may seem sometimes, you must stay positive.

Another thing that the universe is doing is rewarding you with abundance.

You have been working hard all through these years, and it is finally time to enjoy the benefits.

It does not necessarily mean monetary wealth. It could mean a multitude of things, such as an abundance of peace of happiness.

Maybe it indicates an abundance of love or spirituality.

You must remember that this is a gift from the universe, and it will always be a positive thing, no matter what form you receive it in.

What’s The Importance Of Angel Number 888 In My Life?

There are many lessons one can learn from this number. Perseverance is one of them.

No matter how tough life may get, there is a rainbow waiting for you on the other side.

You must focus on the positive things, the good things around you. Resilience is another one of those lessons.

In order to stay positive throughout the storms, you have to be strong. You have to be able to bounce back after a fall.

In order to keep that balance in life, it is of the utmost importance that you keep your faith in angel numbers 888 and its divine energy.

There is a way out from your dark times, and you’re almost free.  

Why Is Angel Number 888 The Number Of Jesus?

The number 888 represents Jesus. Confused? Don’t worry, you will understand in a moment.

When looked at in Greek, the name Jesus is spelled ‘Iesous.’

If we add all the numerical values of all the letters in the Greek name, it adds up to be 888.

The values of the letters are as follows, so you can try them for yourself.

  • I – 10
  • E – 8
  • S – 200
  • O – 70
  • U – 400
  • S – 200

Add all the numerical values up, and you get 888.  

Why Is 888 Lucky?

It is considered to be lucky because the number 8 is associated with wealth and fortune.

The Chinese are very particular about having this number in their home addresses or office emails.

The Bible has 8 mentioned many times, making it a lucky number for the followers of Christ.

In numerology, it signifies positive vibes. In the spiritual world, it means infinite blessings.

In terms of love, it tells us not to lose hope in the face of adversity.

All in all, 888 seems to be a very positive number in various schools of thought.

Thus making a lot of people believe that it is indeed a lucky number.

Why Is 888 Lucky?

Is Angel Number 888 A Good Number?

As you already know, the number 8 is a very positive number. It means success, wealth, and prosperity.

It is encountered by people of substance, natural-born leaders, people who won’t shy away from challenges.

People who see this number have the tendency to rise in the face of adversity. Now imagine this number occurring thrice!

Its energy and power are tripled. As a result, its effects are multiplied by three too!

Going by that logic, how can it not be a good number? 

What Does 888 Mean In Chinese?

In Chinese numerology, each lucky number is pronounced in a particular way.

When we look at the number 8, its pronunciation is ‘ba.’

The pronunciation sounds like ‘fa,’ which means to ‘get rich really fast’ or to ‘be very well off.

As the belief in the luck of 8 increased, so did China’s development and economy.

The belief is so great that people look for license plates with 8 on them for condos on the 8th or 18th floor.

They want to make sure their phone numbers, house numbers, or even office numbers have 8 in them.

With that being established, it is easy to understand why 888 is even more popular.

To them, it means wealth tripled! 

Truths About Angel Number 888

Angels that are responsible for showing 888 to a human do not need to be worshipped.

They are also known as 888 angels. Their sole purpose of existence is to help and guide you through life.

They do not need you to pray to them; just listen to their divine guidance.

This fact opens our eyes to the selflessness of the 888 angels and how all they care about is our well-being.

In 1511, a Spanish missionary was exiled by the pope because his views on Christianity differed from that of the mainstream beliefs.

He published a book that described how patients were miraculously healed of their ailments when 88 Christians got together and prayed.

Surely, there is power in the number, which is why the sick were healed.

888 angels have been sent down by God Himself to preside over the earth and all its creatures.

They are basically 8 spirits especially chosen to help us navigate through life.

You do not have to summon these guides in order to talk to them. 8 represents Karma.

If you believe in the concept of rebirth and are seeing this number.

It is possible that you are receiving a message related to something you did in your previous life. 

Final Advice About 888 Meaning

If you see 888, you are one of the lucky few people who will get to revel in its fruitfulness.

You should be at ease because no matter how hard life may seem right now, you will be rewarded for all your patience and hard work.

Make sure you expand your horizons, meet new people and try to work out all of the issues between you and your partner.

Send out positive vibes, and you are sure to receive something truly magnificent from the universe!

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